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Who we are

An interior design manufacturer which accommodates clients’ needs, caring about our society.

Suminoe Co., Ltd. was established from Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. as a specialized company in interior design in 1998.

With more than 130 years of history, Suminoe Group has significantly contributed to the formation of Japanese interior design tradition by producing carpets and carpet tiles as a pioneer in the industry.

Suminoe manufactures safe and eco-friendly interior materials, inspired by the concept of KKR+A (Kankyou = Environment + Kenkou = Health + Recycle + Amenities), which reflects our social responsibility and willingness to do something concrete for nowadays global health and environmental issues.

The tradition of Suminoe is not in its history but in its everlasting willingness to face continuous new challenges.

Attention to health, eco-friendliness and amenities: these are the new challenges of Suminoe.

Strong of our traditions, we, Suminoe, will continue to produce safe and enjoyable interior design materials and face new coming challenges.

CEO Norihisa Murase

Corporate Summary

Corporate name SUMINOE CO., LTD.
Location 2-4-2 SHINMACHI, NISHI-KU,
OSAKA 550-0013
History SUMINOE Co., Ltd. established in 01/12/1998
Capital 300 million yen (31/05/2015)
Business items Manufacturer and supplier of carpets, curtains and other interior products